Leasing Process

Compliance check, Marketing Photos, Advertising, Open Homes, Feedback, Market Analysis.

Application Process

Processing of applications, Background checks, Recommendations to Landlords, Retrieving Bond & Deposit, Preparation of RTA Bond From, General Tenancy Agreement, Rent Arrears Procedure etc.

Entry Process

Comprehensive property report prior to tenants moving in, includes RTA Form 1a and digital photos of the entire property before tenants take over possession.

Property Management Process

Rent collection, repairs and maintenance, regular routine inspections with comprehensive reports.

Maintenance Process

Report any maintenance issues to the owners, organize quotes and repairs.

Lease Renewal Process

We start the process 90 days before the current lease expires, we will give you a recommendation after we have conducted a current market analysis and have evaluated the current tenancy.

Rent Arrears Process

From friendly reminder text message, email and phone call to a formal RTA Form 11 Breach Notice, Notice to leave, QCAT procedures.


Disbursement / Invoices / Water Account Process¬† –¬† All funds held in our trust account as per legislation and disbursed twice a month unless otherwise requested.

Vacating Process

Tenants are encouraged to use a professional bond and carpet cleaner and we will carry out a comprehensive exit condition report and get the property ready for new tenants.

The process then starts all over again!!!