KL Realty Property Management – Krissi and Louise

With each having over 20 year’s experience in property management and customer satisfaction, Krissi Greene and Louise Ludgater joined forces to open KL Realty.

Both women had been disappointed at the level of customer service typically offered by Real Estate agencies. They wanted to ‘go the extra mile’ for their customers but found that while many agencies paid lip service to that ambition, few bothered to implement policies to guarantee it.

Krissi said, “As a former Police Officer I’m not willing to make an empty promise. At KL Realty we don’t just offer to go the extra mile. We guarantee to travel that distance.”

Both believe in a highly organised and proactive approach to their industry. As Louise explains, “Legislation continually changes, technology has exploded, and tenants and landlord’s needs have shifted. We constantly monitor the industry to ensure we can offer up-to-date and trouble-free service to our clients. The one thing that remains consistent is our commitment to good service. It means everyone wins. Happy clients are loyal clients.”

KL Realty offer custom property management. They tailor their services to each customer’s individual needs. “Someone beginning to build a property portfolio has very different needs to an experienced investor with 3 plus properties,” said Krissi. KL Realty works closely with accountants, brokers and insurance companies to ensure the best possible deal for their clients.

“The real estate market changes rapidly,” said Louise. “It needs to be monitored on a month to month basis. We can advise if it’s time to add to or downsize your portfolio.”

Both Krissi and Louise have extensive experience with residential property management, so for all your property management needs from leasing to business development, you can’t go past Krissi and Louise at KL Realty.